Twitterati Celebrate For No Re-exam Of CBSE Class 10 Maths paper

Class 10 students will not have to sit for a re-exam for the CBSE maths paper that was leaked before the exam last week. The decision was taken in the interest of students, said an official.

The news has made Class 10 students ecstatic, but left Class 12 students fuming. And much like always, students are expressing their happiness and sadness on social media platforms. How, you ask? Well, through jokes and memes, of course. However, some protesting against the decision also wrote, “Sir one is happy for the Class 10 students of CBSE. Why do you not show similar compassion and caring for the Class 12 students why make lacs of students and their parents suffer.”


Most people on social media were clearly happy with the news.



However, some could not help but make jokes on what the Class 12 students might be going through.