Unknown Facts which prove Travelling makes us a Better Human Being

There is no word to describe how important travelling is in my life, or how it has transformed me, shaped my perspective and influenced life decisions. I met people who left beautiful traces in my life, some changed my life for the better. Have you ever wondered – what was in your mind before you start a journey? How did you mentally and physically prepare for an unknown adventure? What were you seeking for?

I found myself most alive when I was travelling. I travelled when I felt lost, when I didn’t know what I want to do in life. In those moments, there were no past or future, there was only now. Therefore, cisTheta Global is presenting some mind blowing facts which prove travelling helps us to make a better human being.

We don’t think of bad luck as being bad anymore and decide to go with the flow.

During travelling, we deal with missed flights, slow buses, wrong turns, unavoidable delays, bad street food, and much, much more. This helps us how to adapt plans in ever-changing situations. You don’t get mad, you don’t get angry, you just move on. Life throws you curve balls and you hit them out of the park.

Loneliness doesn’t bother you anymore. 

That’s because you’ve come to realize its true nature. It is when you’re alone that you can finally listen to your own voice. You become your own friend.

You learn to be thankful for what you have.

When you see that people not only live, but thrive in places as remote as the far reaches of Ladakh, you tend to stop making excuses for your own life. You stop complaining about little things and make do with what you have.

You become more flexible and adaptive. 

Travelling teaches you to be flexible. When your bus breaks down in a village in India’s hinterland, you have no option but to ride on a bullock cart. You adapt and you carry on.

Travelling helps us to become a little more patient.

During travelling you can come across a situation where you have to wait for a train that is 3 hours late which is not at all pleasant. So the trivial things like waiting for food in a restaurant or waiting for security check at a metro station do not bother you at all.

We learn to live in the moment.

Traveling is a feast for our eyes and it makes us stop and live in that second, minute and moment. It’s hard to be thinking about your latest text message when you’re half way across the world visiting places you’ve never been to before and seeing spots you’ve only read about. Traveling teaches us to unplug, explore and discover new parts of ourselves.

Exquisite food, Exquisite life.

According to few reports, travelling around and tasting good food uses a larger part of brain and activates the brain. Thus an exhilarating life. Who does not want to taste delicious food?

Travelling helps us to find Independence.

During travelling, we gain life experience and stop living a sheltered life. We figure out how public transports work, we try new foods, we learn how to make friends. You finally feel like you could function in the world — far better than you could have if you’d have stayed at home.

Every time I came back from a solo journey, I felt like a returning soldier knowing that I had power to handle life. I learned something new about myself every time I told stories and shared experiences. These experiences were like wine that tastes better as it ages.