This Volcano Of Indonesia Emits Blue Colour Lava!

The Ijen volcano complex is a group of composite volcanoes in the Banyuwangi Regency of East Java, Indonesia. Here, The Kawah Ijen Volcano, the largest sulfuric acid crater lake in the world, spews blue lava. Kawah Ijen Volcano become alive in web, when a photographer Olivier Grunewald takes spectacular photos of it .

image source: olivier grunewald

According to Olivier Grunewald ,  “It is due to the combustion of sulfuric gases in contact with air at temperatures above 360°C.”
These pictures are not Photoshopped. The Ijen Volcano of Java Island brightens the night with its electric blue flames and lava, which are surrounded by a one-kilometer-wide turquoise lake that identified as the “largest highly acidic crater lake in the world.” It has a pH balance of 0.5 due to sulfuric acid

Image source: Olivier Grunewald

Grunewald and filmmaker Regis Etienne also produced a documentary about the volcano called Kawah Ijen, the Mystery of the Blue Flames.

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