What is National testing Agency and how does it work?

National Testing Agency has started its work. NEET and JEE Exam which was held by CBSE until now will be held by NTA this year,  said HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar in his opening lines today at NTA NEET 2019 press meet.

The first and foremost benefit of NTA would be the conduct of JEE Main and NEET examinations twice a year in an online format. The twice a year model for chief entrance examinations would help students to pace their studies and most importantly give them an additional opportunity to appear without wasting their year.

Now, mostly students is thinking that What is NTA(National Testing Agency) and how does it works? So in this article, we are going to tell you more interesting about National Testing Agency. Keep reading this article..


National Testing Agency (NTA) is an autonomous organization that will oversee the conduct of high-profile entrance exams, including NEET, JEE-Mains. This will help bodies like the CBSE to concentrate on their core functions, while a specialised and dedicated agency can hold tests more efficiently. Infact, National Testing Agency will also relieve AICTE and other agencies from the responsibility of conducting these entrance exams.


  • NTA will bring in high reliability, standardized difficulty level for assessing the aptitude, intelligence and problem-solving abilities of the students’.
  • To keep the exams  more secure and at par with international norms. So that there will be no issues of leakage and NTA would be more student friendly, open, scientific and a leak-proof system.
  • National Testing agency will gradually take responsibility for conducting other entrances exams as well. National Testing Agency is proposed to conduct all the entrance exams twice a year in online mode.

Only change which I can think of is that CBSE might be telling professors to use NCERT, while NTA may not explicitly ask them to use NCERT. Hence, non-NCERT questions may increase in NEET 2019 and JEE Main 2019. Probably the NEET paper would have less numericals and become a little more theoretical and conceptual (like AIIMS).

National Testing Agency is a major educational reform. What are your views on NTA? Let us know in the comments section below.