How An Indian Millionaire Helps Others Earn As Much As He Does

or a couple of years, Soumyo Roy has run a well-liked blog where he shares his busy life and discusses trading, the activity that made him a millionaire. Among other things, he runs a closed group on a messaging service where he helps those that want to earn from their trading. We interviewed him about why he’s not afraid to share his secrets and about what to try to to to earn the maximum amount as he does
Roy, tell us about your days. What’s your schedule?
– in fact , I’m very happy about the very fact that i do not have a hard and fast schedule for my days. Everything depends on my mood and what is going on on. Some days i’ll allow myself to sleep in past noon and within the evening leave on the yacht or to a pleasant restaurant nearby. Other days I’ll sit reception all day trading and answering messages on WhatsApp. I can trade and write blog posts from anywhere i would like . All i want for it’s a laptop and stable Internet.
o, you spend most of some time having fun?
– That’s how it had been within the very beginning, once I had pile for the primary time. Of course, the cash threw me for a loop, and initially I spent large sums on restaurants, cars, and travel.

Now, I understand that my calling is to assist those that need it. I give to others, launch educational projects, and discuss trading on the blog and within the closed group. tons of my time goes to only that

– Why did you opt to assist others at all? You’ll agree that it isn’t the foremost typical behavior for a millionaire in India
– you recognize , I come from a cushty family myself, but I’ve seen tons in my life. Certainly, once I was young, i attempted to not notice the poverty that prevails within the country. But growing up, i noticed that not most are as lucky as I even have been. I wanted to assist to point out that it’s possible to earn money from things aside from dirty, thankless work. I’ve found success, and that i hope people do, too.
Whatever you say, money is freedom and an excellent motivator for self development. Money offers the chance to urge an excellent education, to settle on a profession you wish , and, ultimately, to measure a fuller and more interesting life.

This probably sounds overly exuberant, but I’m not here to assist only certain people, but all of India. If which will be called patriotism, i assume I’m a patriot.

– Wow. That’s powerful! Do I understand correctly that your closed trading group is additionally a part of that grand plan?
– Yeah, that’s right. Let’s clarify one thing, though: it’s not educational, because it could seem initially glance. It is, really, another sort of charity. I’m not offering training in trading. I’m offering the prospect to follow and replica the trades I complete myself. believe it: most of the people do not have the time to find out the basics and nuances of trading. They’re busy with work, their families, everything. I spent a couple of years learning trading, and that i can’t ask that level of dedication from everyone.

I’m offering an easier and easier path. All it takes is joining the closed group where I publish my “signal” messages, which contain all the knowledge needed to form a successful trade. I make a trade. You repeat after me and earn along side me.

– What does the group look like? What goes on there?
– it is a closed group on the Telegram messenger where, every day, I post messages about which trades I decide to make. That is, I start trading, and that i share my trades within the chat, just minutes before I open them myself. If you manage to repeat them, you earn along side me.

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